Curitiba Connectory

The Connectory is a global network of innovation spaces, promoted by Bosch in partnership with innovation hubs, that aims to co-create and to drive the development of innovative solutions and new business models in different IoT areas.

The Connectory concept is based on 3 pillars:

The Curitiba Connectory is the first Connectory location in South America, and it was created in partnership with Distrito Spark CWB. The mission is to build a connected world, promoting connections and partnerships that will accelerate the innovation process and will generate an impact on the creation of innovative solutions between startups, companies, universities and the community.

The Curitiba Connectory has 5 focus areas:

Internet of Things


Digital Transformation

Industry 4.0

Artificial Intelligence

Our Name

The name Connectory is a combination of the words "connection" and "factory," two central elements of Bosch's vision for the future.

It is a space where connections happen - among devices, people and ecosystems - as the world evolves through a digital transformation.

The Connectory becomes a physical space, designed to connect and co-create around the topic of IoT for startups, universities or other corporations.

About Bosch

As a global leader in manufacturing, Bosch has a rich history of innovation. It began in 1886 as a startup in a backyard garage when Robert Bosch developed the first automotive spark coil. Over the following 130 years, the company has grown into a leader in industrial manufacturing, admired worldwide for its quality products ranging from automotive components and power tools, to home appliances and sophisticated sensor technology. Now, as the digital era transforms our world and billions of devices are linked to the Internet, Bosch is developing its strengths in manufacturing to bring new capabilities to a connected world.

About Distrito

The Distrito is an innovation platform for startups, corporations, and investors. It helps startups succeed, corporations to transform and investors to generate exponential returns through the strong innovation ecosystem. Distrito believes technology is transforming the world as we know it. Each and every aspect of the human life is suffering a big and deep impact and new behaviors are shaping the companies, products and markets of the future. Distrito delivers opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors and companies that are able to see, act and embrace this change ahead of us.